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Jobster is an AI platform that matches the right people to the right jobs,
saving time for both candidates and recruiters.

For job seekers, find your dream job.

What does the future hold for your career?

Upload your resume to get job postings, resume tips and more!

Personalized just for you.

Our AI platform puts you first in your job search with customized resume and job recommendations.

Get insider knowledge.

Learn about the job market, which companies are hiring and what skills are in demand.

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For recruiters, find the best talent.

The best candidates in seconds.

Our AI scans thousands of resumes and shows you the best matches.

More Productivity.

Automation of resume ranking and job alerts frees up your time for high value activities.

Learns from the best.

Pre-trained with 5+ years of recruiting success data, our AI continues to learn from you!

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